Inquiry programs are designed with young people to engage in different concepts or challenges facing our local & global communities. Typically this inquiry focus will evolve every 6 months. Design challenges provide young people with the opportunity to work through the design process to create novel or improved designs for existing products.

What & where in Whittlesea?

The North of Melbourne is one of the nation’s fastest growing urban communities. With this growth comes a host of challenges, including how new residents navigate their changing environment to find services & recreational facilities, & how they get to meet others & develop a sense of belonging. In this inquiry, students will interact with people about the places that matter to them, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the issues, needs & challenges involved in finding their way around an emerging community.

Duration: 3 days (consecutive)
Dates: Tue, Wed, Thurs – weekly, taking bookings now for term 3 and 4

From A to B in Whittlesea

Getting around is one of the City of Whittlesea’s biggest challenges. As the City grows exponentially, its transport & logistics infrastructure is struggling to keep up. In this inquiry, students will interact with local people, enterprises & government authorities about the issues they are encountering getting in, out & around Whittlesea, in order to gain a deeper understanding of local transport issues, needs & challenges.

Duration: 3 days (consecutive)
Dates: Tue, Wed, Thurs – weekly, taking bookings now for term 3 and 4

Lamp design challenge

Brief: to help children aged 4-11 discover the love of reading by designing & creating a unique bedside lamp.

Duration: 2 days (consecutive)
Dates: Wed & Thurs, taking bookings now for term 3 and 4

Event-based learning is a part of our ongoing experience at the Tech School. It provides a sustained context through which young people can connect to knowledge in practice & demonstrate their skills. Supporting the next generation of inventors & entrepreneurs to realise their potential.

Tech Schools Maker Faire

A fantastic opportunity for our young people to showcase their creations & skills with local primary school students & the community.

Duration: 1 day
Dates:  term 4, 2018

Designed by students for students, the Tech Schools Maker Faire is all about getting involved, learning new skills & becoming inspired. It provides an opportunity for our young people to demonstrate the skills that they have & share those skills with younger students from local primary schools.

Partner Secondary Schools are invited to register activities to be run by students from their school.

Young people will be supported through the program with the Melbourne Innovation Centre & the Tech School.
Young people will receive: Seed Funding, a mentor, access to a co-working space, business model design guidance & invitations to presentation & public pitch events.

Duration: 5 day program over 5 consecutive weeks
Dates:  taking bookings now for term 3 and 4
Places available: Groups or individual applications
Expression of Interest:


Biotechnology in focus

Biotechnology is a leading future industry critical to growing challenges of liveability & population growth. This program will support Melbourne’s future prosperity by encouraging our younger citizens to perceive & realize opportunities within the biotech sector, learning valuable skills & the relevance of STEM education through authentic engagement with industry.

Duration: A series of engagements across the school term for
Years 7 & 8 (to be scaled up in 2019).
Dates: taking bookings now for term 3 and 4

Biotechnology Industry tours
School based scientific inquiry
BioTech Design Challenge

To develop an understanding of how biotechnology will meet the opportunities & challenges facing our society.
To promote awareness of the biotechnology industry & associated educational pathways, as an attractive career for all students.
To provide authentic learning experiences to connect the classroom with industry.
To develop skillsets and mindsets through scientific inquiry & the Tech School’s design process.

Koorie voices: an interactive installation

Developed by local Koorie Elders & young people in partnership with the Banyule Nillumbik & Whittlesea Tech Schools, this project involves the building of two ‘wired for sound’ installation works: a Coolamon (an Aboriginal carrying vessel) & a Message Stick (an etched piece of wood used for traditional Aboriginal communications). The wooden installations will be inlaid with resin-encased objects of significance to local Koorie people. When touched, the objects will trigger spoken stories connected to the objects.

Duration: Ongoing program
Dates: In progress

To explore & develop local Koorie young people’s sense of Aboriginal identity, through interaction with Elders.
To deploy digital technologies to share Aboriginal stories in new ways.
To develop the technology skills of all partners.
To develop living, evolving Tech School partnerships with local Koorie people.

Key Outputs:
Message Stick & coolamon installation artworks, to be exhibited at the Banyule Nillumbik & Whittlesea Tech Schools.
Ongoing partnership with local Koorie community, with scope for further development of project.